8 Inch Chime Innerspring Mattress Set

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Bed Size: Queen
Package Contents: Adjustable Base/Innerspring Mattress
Mattress Base: Head Only
Sale price$687.02 Regular price$1,147.33

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You’ll be singing the praises of this 8-inch innerspring mattress, especially now that it comes with a power base. Enjoy the support of a truly traditional coil mattress which contours to your body for a comforting feel. Its high-density quilt foam and pad provide the firm touch you love. Hypoallergenic materials offer added peace of mind. Taking sleep to a whole new level, the power base smoothly raises your upper body to relieve pressure points. What a great option for those who like to sit up in bed. Adjustable bases may also help breathing, reduce snoring and soothe those with acid reflux. Convenient USB charging is available in the remote for connecting your electronics.

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